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Identifying social media influencers

It seems that being a social media influencer is a wave that’s here to stay. But keep in mind, not everyone with a large following is an influencer!

Have you ever paid someone with a large following to post your event flyer and still had a low turnout? How about paying to have your new product posted on social media and not generating any sales?

Before partnering with an “influencer” to promote your business, brand, or event, consider the following:


  • Does the influencer advocate for your brand or simply post your flyers?

  • Are they authentic when speaking about or posting your brand?


  • Does this influencer have an audience that engages with their content?

  • Does their audience take action on their ‘call to action?’


  • Is this person relevant to your audience?

  • Do they align with your branding?

  • Are they a good fit for your brand?


  • How many people does their messages actually reach?

  • How many people actually see their content?

If you're thinking about working with an influencer, the main thing to keep in mind impact. In addition to a large following, research if they have an impact on who they reach. Hopefully, these tips help!

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