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Olivia Gunn is a communications professional and dynamic force in the entrepreneurial landscape, instilled with a spirit of resilience and determination.


A native of Columbus, Georgia, Gunn’s early career saw her honing her skills in the broadcast news sector. Upon earning her bachelor’s degree in communications from Columbus State University, she took on the role of digital content producer for a local news station in her hometown and continued this role in local news in Memphis, Tennessee. Gunn later became a multiplatform producer for local news in Atlanta, Georgia, gaining valuable insight in the communications field.


Gunn’s determination to becoming a pioneering force in the communications industry led her to obtaining a master’s degree in public relations from Webster University, and launching Olivia Gunn PR & Communications, providing effective strategies to help small businesses grow and expand their reach.  Offering a variety of solutions, the vision of Olivia Gunn PR is to deliver results-oriented services that enhances clients’ exposure, improves their reach, and promotes their development.


With a relentless drive for excellence, Gunn has carved out a niche for herself in the competitive world of entrepreneurship. Through her innovative leadership and strategic vision, Gunn has transformed Olivia Gunn PR & Communications into a thriving venture that not only delivers exceptional products/services, but also fosters learning, development, and empowerment.


Beyond business success, Gunn is also an author as she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and insights, and empowering others to be successful in business and entrepreneurial endeavors. Furthermore, Gunn serves as a senior communications specialist and digital strategist for state government in Atlanta where she resides.


As Gunn looks to the future, she remains ambitious as ever with a focus on continued creativity, expansion into new markets, and making a lasting difference in the field of communications.

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