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Slow seasons: Stay visible and maintain a positive brand image

As business owners and entrepreneurs, there are often slow seasons and peak seasons.

It’s easy to be visible when business is booming and you’re booked and busy. During these times, you can share your upcoming news, business successes, new initiatives, and more.

But what do you do during those slow moments when there’s not much going on and business has slowed down? The answer is to remain visible and use your platforms to keep your brand in a positive light. Doing so keeps your business on the minds of your customers and also helps to expose your brand to prospects.

See below some tips for keeping your brand visible and in a positive light:

Offer your expertise. This is where public relations comes into play. If you offer a product or service, position yourself as a expert in your field. As an expert, several media outlets, publications, and other businesses often seek out experts to share with the masses.

Network. Get out and network. Introduce yourself and meet new people, whether it be at an event, in your community, or even a grocery store.

Host an event. Stay present by hosting an event to get you in front of the public and new prospects.

Reach out to your following/audience. Check up your audience. A quick email blast will let your audience and following know that you ‘re still here and interested in how you can possibly be of help to them.

Get active in your community. Oftentimes, community events open the door for you to connect with those in your community for FREE. Use this as an opportunity to shake hands, network, and share details abut your brand, even if it’s as simple as handing out a business card.

Stay active and engage on social media. Use your social media platforms regularly to reiterate your brand message, highlight the positives about your business, and talk to your audience.

Launch a social media contest. Launch a promo product or service. Consumers love deals. For example, if summer is approaching, think of a product or service that you can launch that coincides with the summer season and that your audience will enjoy.

During slow seasons, the main idea to remember is to stay visible. Don’t allow your audience to forget about you. Don't slow down just because business has slowed down! :)

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