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PR trends for 2024

Staying on top of business trends is a key to continued growth. It helps to anticipate customer demands and to identify how to better serve them.


It’s important to be familiar with PR trends to effectively communicate with your audience.  See below projected PR trends for 2024.


Increased use of AI: PR involves lots of messaging, and in some cases, lots of writing. AI is already being used at a high rate and is expected to increase in 2024. AI is making many PR tasks much easier. PR professionals can use sites like ChatGPT to handle a lot of their work, including press releases, pitches, features, speeches, and more.


Social Media: It seems like social media has been around forever. It’s not new to anyone, but the way we use it to communicate continues to evolve. Social media is one of the top tools that PR professionals use to communicate, send messages, and keep brands in a positive light. In 2024, PR specialists will need to stay on top of advancements in social media and become a little more creative with content. Videos, reels, and stories tend to garner more engagement and interaction. Also, consider posts that are inviting to your audience or encourages them to chime in and interact or take action.  When communicating brand messages via social media, always think CREATIVE and ENGAGING!


Humanization (Authenticity): Audiences want to see your human side, the “real you” at that. Whether it’s online or in person, it’s okay to show that you’re a real person. In 2024, share more of your interests and interact more with your audience. This can also build trust from those who follow you. Oftentimes, if your audience like you or feel that they somewhat know you personally, they become more willing to support your brand and endeavors.



Olivia Gunn PR & Communications provides effective communication strategies to help small businesses and organizations grow and expand their reach.


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