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Post with a purpose: Tips to maximize your social media efforts

Social media is a convenient and easy-to-use tool to help with your public relations efforts.

Social media platforms can serve as the primary channels to manage the reputation of your

business or organization and to quickly give information to your audience and the masses. Some businesses and organizations are fast-paced environments, so social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook make it easy to swiftly relay messages to a large number of people expediently.

Additionally, social media increases your brand visibility and provides widespread coverage and recognition at your fingertips. The results of integrating social media in public relations functions are endless. However, the factor to remember is to always post with a purpose.

Consider these tips when posting to social media:

Everyone is not your part of your audience. Target your page toward people who are

important to your business/organization.

Create meaningful content. Post valuable and interesting information that people want to see and can benefit from.

Create an actual platform. Social media cannot be your one-stop-shop. Use social media to

guide your customers and consumers to your buying process. If you sell products online, your website is your platform. Use social media to steer your audience to your website. Include links in your posts.

Be real. Always be yourself, so that your audience and potential customers won’t think

they’ve been tricked if they meet a “different” person after deciding to work with you.

Be clear of the service or products you provide. Use the ‘bio’ and ‘about’ sections to let your

audience know what you have to offer.

Set SMART goals. Set goals for your social media posts that are (s)specific, (m)measurable,

(a)attainable, (r)elevant, and (t)ime-bound. How else will you know if your social media strategies are working?

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