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EXCLUSIVE: Ransomd Productions providing full-service quality music production

Introduce your business. Let us know what you have to offer!

Ransomd Productions is a full-service music production company based in Columbus, Georgia. Owned and operated by musician and producer, Khalil Ransom, the company offers mixing, mastering, engineering, and more.

What sets you apart from others in your industry?

What sets Ransomed Productions apart from others is the goal to provide production services to give local artists the same quality as mainstream, major-label artists.

What does your brand offer, what do you specialize in?

Ransomd Productions specializes in high-quality live arrangements, mixing, mastering, stem tracks, engineering, and more.

Are there any projects you're currently promoting?

Ransomed Productions recently produced "We are the World," and inspiring music production for the The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper. The production featured vocals from several artists from the Columbus area.

To contact and stay updated with Ransomd Productions, email and/or follow on social media:

Instagram: @kransomdmsic

Facebook: Khalil Ransom


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