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Educate, empower, inspire: Meet Beautifully Hued founder Victoria Watson

Victoria Watson (Photo by: Sumika Phillips)

“You don’t have to be an adult to make change.” These words are from one young leader who’s making great strides in her community.

Victoria Watson, of Columbus, Georgia, is an upcoming seventh grader who has a heart for helping others.

While just in the third grade, Victoria founded Beautifully Hued along with her mother, Pamela Watson. The project promotes diversity and inclusivity, and aims to educate, empower, and inspire girls all over the world to love themselves.

“It started when I was a bit younger. I was at summer camp and a little girl told me that black people were mean and dirty,” Victoria recalled. “At a young age, I had to learn what racism was and I didn’t want other girls who might experience it to feel bad about themselves.”

Victoria Watson (Photo by: Oz Roberts)

After Victoria’s parents explained to her that the statement was not true, she and her mother discussed what could be done to uplift and empower girls to feel better about themselves. The two came up with the concept of Beautifully Hued.

“I knew as a mother having children with darker skin going through this, I knew I had to do something about it,” Watson said. “It rocked me to my core to know that a five or six-year-old can go to another child and utter those words. I knew as a mother, I needed to do something.”

Beautifully Hued integrates mothers to let them know that what they teach their children matters. Mothers are included to come along with their daughters to learn about people who do not look like them. The project welcomes all girls, regardless of race, ethnicity, and cultural beliefs,

“Regardless of their ‘hue,’ we want girls to know that they matter and they’re worthy,” Watson explained. And beauty comes from their heart, not aesthetics."

In addition to making progresses with Beautifully Hued, Victoria’s efforts in her community are not going unnoticed. Victoria was named an APCU Hometown Hero for her community and outreach services. She’s also the recipient of a grant from the Southern Black Girl and Women Consortium. As founder of Kidz Care, Victoria has partnered with Britt David Magnet Academy and donated over 400 articles of clothing to students in Muscogee County. She’s a recipient of the K-Smiles Youth Community Service Award from Overflo Outreach Ministries and most recently, Victoria was selected by the mayor of Columbus to serve on the Youth Advisory Council.

Victoria is continuing her outreach in July as Beautifully Hued will host a teacher appreciation dinner to thank teachers for their hard work during the pandemic. In October, Beautifully Hued will host a girls empowerment brunch with special guest speakers and activities.

Beautifully Hued is a safe space for mothers and daughters and a no-judgement zone to learn and educate each other about different cultures and environments.

“We can make incremental change, but to do so, we need mothers to get involved and be willing to have these conversations with our daughters. It makes us a stronger community,” said Watson.

For more information about Beautifully Hued and how you can get involved, follow Beautifully Hued on social media @BeautifullyHued, online at, or email


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