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EXCLUSIVE: Lilman Luigi talks consistency as an independent artist and upcoming release

Let us know who you are and how you got your start!

I go by the name Lilman Luigi, which originated from a childhood nickname that always stuck growing up. I currently reside in Greenville, South Carolina where I’m pursuing a career in the music industry as an independent artist. It all started for me in Charleston where much of my family still reside. I later moved to Durham, North Carolina where I was pretty much raised. I’ve lived in Greenville for about four years.

What’s your niche, what sets you apart from others in your industry?

I feel like what sets me apart from everyone else is my frequency and consistency. You can't forget about me. My goal is to be a consistent sight on people’s social media feeds, in their YouTube recommendations and favorite blog sites. I have another goal to release music every week for future and current fans. I’ll give them a chance to always be satisfied.

What does your brand offer, what do you specialize in?

With me being a music artist and entertainer, my brand offers quality music on a consistent and frequent basis. My music doesn’t take away from the value of competition, but shines a brighter light on my catalog of work and sets it apart when it comes to giving people what they way in regard to music. The Lilman Luigi brand is of the Kingdom Confidantz EMPIRE, a self-made music group with currently one official musician.

Are there any projects that you’re currently promoting?

Currently, I’m working on my debut project that is projected to be released toward the end of February. I have not decided on an official title yet. I currently have a single out called “Have Faith.” It’s available on all streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Spinrilla, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

To stay updated on upcoming music events, shows, and more, following me on social media:

Twitter: @LilmanLuigi

Instagram: @lilmanluigi

Facebook: Lilman LUIGI Official

YouTube: Lilman LUIGI Official

SoundCloud: @LuigiCeo

Check out Lilman Luigi's track, "Inspired" below:


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