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Add marketing to the mix

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

If you think marketing is simply promoting your products and services, you may want to think again.

Marketing is a process that includes creating, promoting, pricing, and ideas to make the exchange process with your customers dynamic. Your efforts should focus on a target audience and target market, which should consist of a specific group of customers.

Then, add marketing to the mix! The marketing mix is the product, distribution, promotion, and pricing.

Product includes quality, your brand name, services, and packaging.

Distribution involves channels for ordering your product, delivery, location, and logistics.

Promotion consists of the activities used to inform your audience of your products or services such as advertisement, public relations, and personal selling.

Price involves the decisions and actions in establishing pricing policies and the prices of your products and services. Consider the benefit and value of your product/service when setting your price.

When implementing your marketing strategies, remember to start with goals. There can be no strategies without goals. Derive your goals from your mission statement or long-term vision for your brand, then begin marketing implementation.


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