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EXCLUSIVE: Relax, unwind at Just Breathe Intimate Event Center

A relaxed intimate setting for your next special occasion is what Just Breathe Intimate Event Center is offering the tri-city area. It’s the ideal spot for events such as bridal showers, date nights, sip and paints, photoshoots, baby showers, girls’ nights, business meetings, and more. Kurundi Daniels, Terri Neely, and Kierra Robertson are the women behind the venue and celebrated their grand opening in June. Now, they’re ready for Just Breathe to bring a feel of intimacy to the area.

Located off of Veterans Parkway in Columbus, the venue was brought to life by the trio who started out as business partners and grew to become more like family. The creation of the event center began when Daniels, a visionary and wellness concierge, decided to revive the location that previously served as her massage therapy business, House of Ma’at. The business was damaged by a fire in 2016. “I decided to rebirth the business after much prayer,” says Daniels.

Neely, an experienced event decorator and designer, was initially sought out by Daniels to stage the building, but soon became Just Breathe’s operations manager and director of logistics. Robertson started out as Daniels’ mentee and quickly put her artistic design skills to use to fill the role of creative designer.

“It’s all God’s work,” says Neely. “We’re thankful, humble, and grateful for the opportunity to allow our gifts and crafts to be cultivated.”

“We love that we can grow together as a team and individually,” adds Daniels.

Just Breathe is not your typical event venue. In addition to the close and personal atmosphere it provides, services to include furniture rental, a massage suite, event decoration, stationary design, and much more are offered.

Robertson mentions that the energy that she and her partners have also distinguishes their place from any other. “Our personalities and the relationships we build with people set us apart, she explains. “Our energy is different from any other workplace or establishment.”

Besides giving the ultimate intimate experience for guests, the ladies plan to host their own exclusive “Just Breathe” events each month. “We’ve gotten away from intimacy. No one’s connecting anymore. That’s why we want our site to be an intimate place where you can invite your closest people and really have an experience”, says Daniels.

Just Breathe Intimate Event Center caters to all cherished and intimate affairs. The women behind the vision say they want their guests to relax and enjoy a nice environment. The venue is customized to accommodate a variety of event schemes. Together as a team, Daniels, Neely, and Robertson aim to provide the ideal place to bring closeness and intimacy among others.

Just Breathe Intimate Event Center is located at 5402 15th Avenue Columbus, Georgia. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 706-221-7260 or email

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