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Maintain advertising during a crisis

It may seem inappropriate to some people to continue advertising and promoting businesses during a crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. And during crises, advertising budgets are usually the first to go.

However, now is not the time to slow down on advertising if at all possible.

Your customers and clients need to know that you're still available during the pandemic and if you're not, you will be present as soon as the pandemic curbs.

There are several advantages to advertising amid a crisis. Some of your competitors won't be able to continue advertising during a crisis, but if you're able to, your brand will stand out easily. While your competition is quiet, jump on the opportunity to be loud.

Another advantage is the possibility for the price of advertising to drop. During a crisis , several agencies tend to cut costs to help businesses and organizations out. Agencies may also offer special advertising deals to help out your pockets as well.

If you ultimately find yourself trying having to reduce your advertising, remember, you can still use free platforms to promote your brand. It should always be "information over irritation." Don't irritate your audience by bombarding them with email blasts and webinars on a daily basis. Stick to communicating with them information they need to know to access you and your products/services.


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