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Kendrick Lamar bio reportedly in the works

A Kendrick Lamar biography is reportedly set to hit bookshelves soon.

Marcus J. Moore, senior editor at Bandcamp announced on Twitter that he’s landed a deal to write a cultural biography about Kendrick’s career.

Moore says the bio will be released though Touchstone Books which has also released books on other artists such as Paul McCartney.

Within the past few years, Kendrick has had much musical success. His platinum album DAMN was released in 2017 and earned him four Grammys. More recently, he was the executive producer on the No. 1 soundtrack for the movie, "Black Panther."

However, the Compton rapper is only 30 years old with four studio albums under his belt. He surely has more that can be added to a biography in the years to come.

A release date for the bio has not been announced.


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