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Branding Minute: Identify, Differentiate, Market!

Your brand is one of the most important business investments. A brand is not a name, tag line, or logo. It’s the meaning behind what you have to offer---a perception. Therefore, prior to marketing and advertising your business, product, or service, your brand must be identified.

Define your brand in ONE WORD

If your brand could be summed up in one word, what would it be? To answer this question, determine what sets you apart. Identify what makes you different from your competitors. Keep in mind what you help your clients accomplish. Try to sum it up in one phrase.

Once you’ve identified what makes you stand out, marketing and advertising can begin. When promoting your brand, consider promoting what you do, and not always what you’re selling. People often want to know what you can help them achieve rather that what you want them to buy.

Don't neglect traditional MARKETING

Weigh your marketing options. There’s traditional marketing (TV, radio, & print advertising), which is a one-way form of communicating to your audience. Traditional marketing reaches masses, but can be expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, consider free marketing tools----SOCIAL MEDIA! Social media works best as an attraction tool. It helps gain traffic and attention to your brand. Therefore, don’t focus on making sales via social media, it’s best when used as a means to attract people to your brand, then divert them to where they can make purchases or pay for services.

Your means of marketing all depends on where your customers and audience are. Social media is free in most instances and convenient, however, don’t neglect traditional marketing as some of your clients may respond more to the traditional way.

Remember, you brand is the meaning behind what you do. Take a branding minute to identify your brand, differentiator, and means of marketing!


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