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Maintain customers and their trust during a crisis with effective communication

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many businesses operate and even caused some businesses to temporarily close. However, COVID-19 restrictions in some states have lifted and allowing businesses to reopen under certain guidelines.

Easing such restrictions have received mixed support. Some people are in favor of reopening businesses, while others are against it.

For some business owners, remaining closed is not an option. First, take the necessary precautions and safety measures to reopen, then communicate these measures to your customers.

The goal of issues management is to communicate promptly and effectively to prevent a crisis from happening. Business owners who are reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic must make sure they’re customers know how reopening will actually be safe and beneficial for them.

Tell your customers what you’re doing to keep both them and your employees safe well in advance of reopening. Here’s where your communication channels come into play. Utilize your email list, website, and social media platforms to communicate directly to your customers so they’ll know what to expect when they return to your business.

There’s also an opportunity to allow your efforts to bring in new clients. Reach out to the media with a press release to announce your reopening and the safety measures you’re taking. In some instances, doing such will set you apart from your competitors. Once the public sees that you are putting your customers and their safety first, they may be compelled to using your services.

Ultimately, communication is to prevent a crisis from happening. Communicate your plans and action during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep your customers informed and to maintain their trust.



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