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Don't forget to tell your 'why:' Storytelling & PR

Storytelling is important in public relations.

People love to connect with brands on a personal level and people are also likely to buy into your “why.” Therefore, share your brand story—Why did you launch the brand? Why is your product important? Why does your audience need your service?

Storytelling is also important when it comes to gaining publicity and media coverage. Telling your story or your “why” can be the determining factor of whether your brand is picked up by the media, meaning, it can somewhat determine if your brand is newsworthy or not.

For example, let’s say you’re opening a convenience store and you’d like the media to cover your grand opening. Tell your motivation behind opening the store. Is the store located in an area where no other stores are nearby? If so, part of your story is the goal of adding a staple to the community.

What about a new product release, such as a journal? Journals are sold many places and several entrepreneurs sell them. But what’s the story behind yours? Why was creating a journal important to you and how will it help your audience?

Have you ever thought about launching a t-shirt line? Everyone has a t-shirt line these days, so tell why you're launching your own line? Are the t-shirts mean to inspire and uplift with special messages or graphics printed on them? Is your goal to show a new level of creativity? Explain why your t-shirt line is for your audience.

When developing a communications plan for your next product launch, event, or service, don’t forget to tell your story. People will buy your story before they buy your goods and services.

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